Why I hate the term “Guilty Pleasure”

purchase Neurontin online Just a short rant for today: I hate the concept of “Guilty Pleasures”.

http://crug-glas.co.uk/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http://crug-glas.co.uk/gallery/_w6a9011/ Our local rock radio, CHOM-FM, has a feature where they’ll play a “Guilty Pleasure” song every day, which they define as “a song you like but haven”t heard in a while”, which is admitedly quite different from the real definition of guilty pleasure. But still, every time I hear them do this, I cringe. The notion that I should feel guilt about a piece of music that brings me joy or entertains me is ridiculous.

http://summeronwinterlane.com/tag/fall-makeup/ Usually this expression is affixed on songs that have grown out of favour, are considered kitsch, or from artists that are not seen as “cool”. Whatever. Why should I refrain from enjoying music I like on account of people’s opinion of it?

Enjoy what you like, and never mind the haters. 🙂

Phew, glad I could get this off my chest…

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