Album review: The Temperance Movement – White Bear

where to buy Pregabalin in canada The Temperance Movement of the 1800’s wouldn’t have found many adepts in rock, but Britain’s band of the same name certainly knows a thing or two about rock ‘n roll, as evidenced by their latest release.

see url Their second album, “White Bear” mixes modern rock with blues with a touch of classic rock, and it’s a giant step forward from their first eponymous album. It’s a natural progression, but with better production, grittier guitars and an even bluesier sound: in fact, the bluesier they get, the better they are. There are even a few spots on this record where the band seems to channel the spirit of Led Zeppelin; not that they really sound like them, but their approach to arrangements would not have been out of place on something like “Physical Graffiti”. 

Lyrica purchase online australia The Temperance Movement is part of the vintage rock revival trend that seems to be growing these days. They’ve got a little bit of Zeppelin and a little bit of Black Crowes in them, and the end result is pretty interesting. Who said rock was dead?

“White Bear” is available now.

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