Film review: Turn It Up! A Celebration of the Electric Guitar

Turn It Up! is a love letter to the electric guitar, and like all love letters, it starts off with a bang, meanders aimlessly along the way before bringing it…

2015 in review

It’s time to wrap up 2015 and pick out the best musical moments of the year. Who made the cut?

Concert review: The Glorious Sons (with Northcote and Poor Young Things) – Petit Campus, Montreal – November 27th 2015

It was a night of loud, sweaty rock ’n roll last Friday at the Petit Campus as three of Canada’s finest up and coming bands played their hearts out on…

Album review – Bob Dylan – The Cutting Edge

New boxset explores Dylan’s studio work from 1965 to 1966.

Album review – Wilson – Right to Rise

Detroit rockers offer a great sophomore album that straddles the line between metal and rock.

Album review – The Forest Rangers – Land Ho!

First album from Sons of Anarchy music supervisor Bob Thiele and his Forest Rangers hits the mark, and recalls the show’s best musical moments.

Scream for me beer lovers: Iron Maiden’s Trooper Ale reviewed

I finally tracked down some Iron Maiden Trooper Ale! Was it worth the chase? How does it taste? Read to find out.

Marvel Comics vs DC Comics: who wins the musical showdown? (part 2)

At the end of the first round of this musical showdown, Marvel Comics was up 3 to 2 after Superman and Spider-Man battled. Let’s start round 2 with another giant…

Why I hate the term “Guilty Pleasure”

Just a short rant for today: I hate the concept of “Guilty Pleasures”. Our local rock radio, CHOM-FM, has a feature where they’ll play a “Guilty Pleasure” song every day,…

Spider-Man’s forgotten Rock Opera

If you thought that the Broadway show Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark (written by U2’s Bono and The Edge) was the first time Spider-Man’s been adapted to a musical medium, think again.…
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