Interview: Liam Cormier – Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats frontman Liam Cormier talks about playing in Nepal, releasing their latest album and the future of Bat Sabbath

Concert review: The Trews – CNE, Toronto – September 2nd 2018

The Trews rocked the CNE and brought some new songs to the stage.

Album review: Earthless – Black Heaven

“Black Heaven” by Earthless is a great stoner/space rock record that harkens back to the crazier hard rock bands of the 70’s

Album review: Black Wail – Chromium Homes

In the end, Black Wail defies any cataloging effort. It rocks, it’s smart, it’s adventurous. And it sounds great.

Interview: Jeremy Widerman of Monster Truck

These Canadians rockers are furiously leading the new wave of Canadian rock

Album review – Wilson – Right to Rise

Detroit rockers offer a great sophomore album that straddles the line between metal and rock.

Music for Remembrance Day

Today is a day of remembrance in Canada as we celebrate Remembrance Day to honour the fallen soldiers who served this country (in the UK it is known as Armistice…

A few words about God is Dead?, the new Black Sabbath single

I was really sceptical of the idea of a new Black Sabbath album with Ozzy on vocals, 35 years after Never Say Die (their last album with Ozzy). But the…

All roads lead to Sabbath: Revisiting Ozzy Osbourne’s “Speak of the Devil”

Ozzy Osbourne’s Speak of the Devil album (or Talk of the Devil if you’re in the UK) is the black sheep of his discography, having been disowned by the singer…

The music of Les Baxter: the sound of B movies

Roger Corman turned 87 yesterday (April 5th 2013), and I’m once again reminded that, despite their low production values, his movies had awesome music. The movies he did with Vincent…