The ticket stub of the future

I’ve ranted before about my attachment to good, old-fashioned ticket stubs in an article. I feel that showing my phone/credit card/receipt robs the concert experience of its most prized memento: the ticket stub. I collect all mine in a box, and sometimes I’ll dig through it, reminiscing about past concerts, venues that are no longer standing, and the experiences I had at each.

Old school

I recently received my tickets for the Heavy Montreal Festival, happening on August 9-10. I must admit that, while I’ll have no stub to keep, the RFID bracelet and origami shipping box might make up for it. According to the event site, the bracelet will let you check in at different points on site, to meet up with your friends, participate in contests, and more. Now, that’s evolution. The bracelets have been registered to our personal info, so I assume there is also theft/loss protection involved.

New school


Is this the future of concert tickets?

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  • monthofsundays94 , July 22, 2014 @ 1:17 pm

    At the Mann in Philly, they give out little playing cards at each concert that have a cartoon version of the band on them. I got a Neutral Milk Hotel card last night, and I should’ve saved my Belle and Sebastian card from last year but I don’t know where it went. So even though I don’t have a ticket stub, I still have a souvenir. It’s pretty cool, and the crowd loves them.

  • jfvachon , July 22, 2014 @ 1:56 pm

    That’s so cool! Great idea.

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