Album review: Ramin Djawadi – Game of Thrones Season 6

Game of Thrones (season_6 soundtrack) - Image from Wikipedia
Game of Thrones (season 6 soundtrack) – Image from Wikipedia

I’ll admit: I wasn’t a fan of Ramin Djawadi and thought he was all wrong for Game of Thrones when the series started. The music in the first two seasons was serviceable but far from memorable.

But with each passing season, the music gets better. Djawadi becomes a little more ambitious as time goes by, the action becomes more epic and the result is some of the best music on television today. Season 6 has been fantastic, and it seemed like every episode had a scene where the music was a standout.

Of course it helps that the story hit so many high points. Hodor’s final stand gives us a beautiful piece that brings the listener to a climax followed by a passage of great serenity. The High Sparrow’s hijinx allow the composer to weave in religious influences and explore more intimate moods, while Deanerys’s story arc carries grandiose music that has a primal base made of violently played strings, with choir on top.

The album of course goes through many more moods throughout its 26 tracks (19 + 7 bonus tracks). It’s hard to condense a full season into a 90 minute album, especially since the scores have been so good throughout, so there was no shortage of material to choose from. This album is simply the best Game of Thrones soundtrack, and represents a crowning achievement in TV music, and certainly the pinnacle (so far) of Djawadi’s career. Highly recommended.



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