Album review: The Weathered – ONTEB50

The Weathered - ONTEB50
The Weathered – ONTEB50

The Weathered is band of veterans of the London, Ontario scene who got together to make music and have fun. They went into the studio with basic structures, and hashed out four cool songs of melodic rock. The resulting EP “ONTEB50” (a coupon code for 50% off on pizza, according to singer/guitarist Corry Van Spronsen) is a great debut for the band, and shows a good mastery of songwriting.

The musicians sound like they grew up listening to 90’s rock, and they blend a lot of those influences in a way that makes the music feel familiar without sounding exactly like somebody else. There’s a bit of Springtsteen, a bit of Foo Fighters, some REM… The four songs each have their own identity, and it’s probably safe to say that The Weathered hasn’t refined its style yet. But the songs are good, the musicians too, and “ONTEB50” is another cool release from a Canadian rock band.

You can get “ONTEBE50” for 5$ from their Bandcamp site.

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