Album review: Another World – Human Nature

Another World

Another World is an instrumental progressive/metal hybrid from Montreux, Switzerland, with two albums under its belt. “Human Nature”, their latest, is a splendid collection of complicated rock… that never feels complicated. It’s easy to make complex music for its own sake, or to show off your chops, but it takes skill to make intricate arrangements flow naturally. Another World nails that part perfectly.

The band has a great sense of melody, and the material will feel immediately accessible. The third track, “Humanity” is a great example of this talent for creating songs that feel familiar yet new. This type of music too often falls into self-indulgence, but Another World deftly escapes that trap and every section serves to advance the song.

The music shows influences from progressive metal like Fates Warning (Coincidence? The second track is named “Fate Warning”) and Dream Theater, as well as modern film scores, modern progressive rock, some Metallica, and instrumentalists like Joe Satriani. The intricacies of the arrangements never overwhelm the songs, and the production is crystal clear. It’s really amazing, how good this record sounds, for an independant band. “Human Nature” can share a playlist with any of the artists I mentioned above, without suffering from the juxtaposition.

Any fan of complex instrumental rock (or any of the aforementioned bands) needs to get this album. It’s that good, you won’t regret it. Find it on Spotify here.





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