Album review: Sleeping Seasons – Never Would I Choose To Never Love At All

Following on the heels of their 2017 debut EP “Tired Bodies”, Sleeping Seasons is now releasing their full length debut album “Never Would I Choose To Never Love At All”. The band from Memphis, Tennessee offers 10 songs that alternate between brooding alt rock and straight ahead rockers, and rock fans of the genre.

The band started out as vocalist/guitarist C.J. Starnes’ solo act, before evolving into a proper band.  A few member changes later, Sleeping Seasons became what it is today with guitarist Julian Stanz, drummer Tom Hale and bassist Chloie Pennington. The band’s songwriting displays a lot of maturity, and a good sense of what makes a good song. It’s nothing you’ve never heard before (in homage to the title’s double negative), but there’s nothing wrong with that. 

I much preferred the band’s uptempo tracks, but that probably can be chalked up to personal preferences. The songs lack a few solid hooks to anchor the listening experience and make you come back to them, but every time I’ve played the album, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s well written, well played and well produced. It will appeal to fans of modern rock: it has a bit of post-punk, a hint of slick corporate rock (think Coldplay on an intimate level) and a lot of hard rock guitars, to please everyone. 

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