Artist Spotlight – Threatpoint

Band name Threatpoint
MembersCJ Krukowski (drums)
Chris James (vocals)
Sam Young (bass)
Greg Baczmarga (guitar)
Alex Olivetti (guitar)
Location Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States
Founded in 2012
Similar ArtistsTestament, Killswitch Engage, Overkill,
Sepultura, Lamb of God
First release Dead to Rise (2013)
Links Facebook | YouTube
The Music Addict’s VerdictPowerful metal mixing old school thrash
and modern hardcore

How was the band formed?  The band consists of CJ Krukowski (drums), Chris James (vocals), Sam Young (bass), Greg Baczmarga (guitar) and myself Alex Olivetti(guitar). We had all played in bands and knew each other from playing shows. Sam, CJ and I were in a band that played with Chris’s old band, so had known each other for a few years. We formed Threatpoint after our respective bands had broken up back in 2012. We had known Greg from playing out as well, he just joined the band late last year.

What’s your songwriting process like?  We’ll usually all get together as band and jam on ideas. Songs can come from anywhere or anybody, whether it be a guitar riff, drum beat, bass line or a vocal melody. We’ll just start with whoever has the initial idea and use that as the starting point to writing a song.

What are your influences? A wide range of bands have influenced us as musicians; everything from The Doors to Cannibal Corpse. We like to bring in our different influences, it helps round out our sound.

How would you describe your music? Heavy and aggressive. We try to cover a lot of bases when we write. Our songs have groove, thrash and even more traditional hard rock elements. We’re still expanding our sound; our new album Salvation contains more clean vocals and clean musical pieces.

What’s the one thing that makes your band stand out from the rest?  We’re not reinventing the wheel by any means, we just wanted to write songs that we enjoy to play and that the audience likes to listen to. Our lyrics are more positive and spiritual compared to a lot of our counterparts. Uplifting lyrics over heavy music can be really impactful.

What’s your latest release? Our new album is Salvation, which was just released on February 22nd. The overall sound is more upbeat; the songs have more energy and translate well to the live show. We also incorporated more clean vocals and musical pieces that give the songs even more dynamics than we’ve had in the past.

What are your touring plans for the next few months? We recently signed to Voodoo Queen Management, I think we will have some great opportunities on the horizon working with them. We also be playing Canada for the first time this year! We’ll be playing in New Brunswick and Quebec and are very excited!

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