Love at First Spin: Can You Dig It (Iron Man 3 End Titles) by Brian Tyler

I saw Iron Man 3 yesterday (don’t worry, this isn’t turning into a movie blog) and really liked Brian Tyler‘s score. The score to Iron Man 3 is built around one major theme played by the brass section (of course), and while it’s a long way from the leitmotiv-filled scores of yore, it’s ahead of most modern scores by the simple fact that there’s a recognizable melody.

While that theme is used in many places throughout the movie, it’s when the end credits come on that it is heard in its best incarnation. Renamed Can You Dig It, it is orchestrated in a genre that’s half 70’s buddy cop movie and half kung-fu flick. The credits are backed by a quick cut montage of the best scenes from the movie in a similar style. I love it! I can’t stop playing it.

Check out the scene below (thanks to Chinese pirates), and you can also hear a better quality version of it in the second link.

Do you dig it? I sure do!

End credits:

And a better version:

Get it on iTunes

You can also listen to some of the score on Brian’s website.

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