Catching up with Tarah Who?

Tarah Who? is down to a duo, but neither that fact nor a global pandemic is slowing them down, with a new single ‘Pantomath’ out and an EP on the…

Interview: Jeff Scott Soto (Sons of Apollo)

We spoke with Sons of Apollo singer Jeff Scott Soto, about their latest album and upcoming tour.

Interview: Adam Brown of Striker

We spoke with Adam Brown of Edmonton-based metal outfit Striker about their tour and album plans.

A Great Musical Adventure: An Interview with Neal Morse

Creating a follow up to the acclaimed “Similitude of a Dream” wasn’t easy, but the Neal Morse Band pulled it off in the end. Neal Morse explains the album’s complicated…

Interview: Liam Cormier – Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats frontman Liam Cormier talks about playing in Nepal, releasing their latest album and the future of Bat Sabbath

Interview: Pascale Picard

Pascale Picard has a new album out called “The Beauty We’ve Found. We chatted with the singer/songwriter about the album’s creation.

Interview: Lawrence Gowan of Styx

Singer Lawrence Gowan reflects on his 20 years with Styx, their new album ‘The Mission’ and his ties to Montreal.

Album review: Justin Saladino Band – A Fool’s Heart

Montreal guitarist Justin Saladino releases soulful blues debut album

Interview: Jeff Scott Soto of Sons of Apollo

Singer Jeff Scott Soto on the origin of Sons of Apollo, their first album and their future as a band

An interview with singer/songwriter Kim Churchill

The Australian singer/songwriter talks about scrapping a completed album, writing a new one in a week and his love of busking.
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