Mystery box review: Zobie Goes Metal #2

We take a look at the second ‘Zobie Goes Metal’ mystery box. How does it stack up to the first one?

Metal shows go virtual with Anvil at L’Anti Bar & Spectacles

Canadian metal veterans Anvil will perform at the first Canadian metal streaming event on July 4, 2020 in Quebec City

Artist Spotlight – Stone Sea

Excellent gloomy metal with riffs that could have been stolen from Tony Iommi’s notebook.

Artist Spotlight – The KillerHertz

The KillerHertz play catchy hard rock with metal undertones. At times, they sound like a more mature Mötley Crüe, and yes, that’s a good thing. Check these guys out!

Sobrevivir – Anonymus (Music video)

‘Sobrevivir’ is the first single from thrash metallers Anonymus’ upcoming Spanish album ‘La Bestia’. It’s everything you’d expect from the Montreal veterans.

When Ozzy Osbourne and Sony Music defraud their fans (Updated)

Sony Music and Ozzy Osbourne sold fake autographed copies of ‘Ordinary Man’.

Book review: Booze and Vinyl (Andre Darlington & Tenaya Darlington)

‘Booze and Vinyl’ is the perfect blueprint for a relaxing evening listening to great music, alone or with friends. Consider this book the instruction set for your next listening party.

Artist Spotlight – Venus Fly Trap

Venus Fly Trap recalls 80’s alternative, filtered through a cinematic approach.

Album review: The Venus Fly Trap / Alex Novak – Mercurial 1978-2018

Guest writer Peter Dennis reviews ‘Mercurial 1978-2018’, a compilation that pulls together all the strands of Alex Novak’s career from the punk sound of ISAWS, to the futurist darkwave of…

Crawling Up My Feet – Junkowl (music video)

First single from Montreal’s Junkowl’s debut album ‘Making Out With Death’, due on June 5th 2020

Artist Spotlight – Lucifour M

Lucifour M plays nice laid back pop, with an artsy retro vibe.

Album review: Elder – Omens

Elder’s ‘Omens’ skillfully blends prog, psychedelic and stoner rock into a delightful collection of 5 ten-minute songs that feel almost cinematic.
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