I bought one of those music Advent Calendars so you wouldn’t have to.

I bought one of those band-related Advent calendars. How much of a rip off are they? Judge for yourself! (Updated December 10th)

The Music Addict’s Band Name Challenge

Can you guess the band names from their emoji riddles?

Book review: Rainbow in the Dark: The Autobiography – Ronnie James Dio

Rainbow in the Dark is a very good account of the first 30 years of Dio’s musical career, although he left the post Rainbow years as an outline so there’s…

Album review: Dee Snider – Leave a Scar

Dee Snider delivers a tight modern metal record that draws from the heavier part of his past, while incorporating newer influences.

Album review – Mammoth WVH

Mammoth WVH features Wolfgang Van Halen as a one man band, but this isn’t a vanity project from the son of a legend; it’s a great modern rock record in…

Tales from Quarantine (Part 2): Looking to the Future

In the second part of our roundtable on the impact of the pandemic on musicians, we discuss how it has affected creativity, and look to the future for hope.

Doom ‘An Blue – Ran Down (Music video)

Montreal’s Doom ‘An Blue has a cool new video that will appeal to lovers of southern rock, hard rock, and classic rock n’ roll.

Album review: Tallah – Matriphagy

Tallah’s debut album ‘Matriphagy’ is a well-written, tightly played love letter to nu-metal that will assault your senses with surgical precision and a relentless drive.

Tales from Quarantine: Musicians and the Pandemic (Part 1)

With the pandemic decimating the live event industry, how are smaller artists and bands coping with the loss of revenue? Follow our roundtable with close to 20 musicians who shared…

Montreal’s Thrash La Reine brings French-Canadian folklore into the metal world

Thrash La Reine reinvents French-Canadian folklore song ‘Au Chant de l’Alouette’ as a metal song. And it works.

Taylor McCluskey – Stay With Me (music video)

Taylor McCluskey’s new video ‘Stay With Me’ is a beautiful pop melody.

Unboxing the Zobie Metal Mystery Box (Tribute to Bassists)

Live unboxing of the April 2021 ‘Tribute to Bassists’ Zobie Metal mystery box.

WarCall – The Chase (music video)

WarCall’s latest video and single ‘The Chase’ draws inspiration from old school metal but should please fans at large.

Fox Violet – Artist Spotlight

Fox Violet’s music sits comfortably at the crossroad between pop, rock and alternative, and I dig it a lot.
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