Fox Violet – Artist Spotlight

Fox Violet’s music sits comfortably at the crossroad between pop, rock and alternative, and I dig it a lot.

Ashrr – Artist Spotlight

Their press release says “ASHRR exists at the crossroads of analog synth ecstasy, underground industrial darkness, and a dash of Big Easy voodoo”, and dammit, that’s a description that’s hard…

Even Vast – Artist Spotlight

Even Vast reinvented itself and elevated its music to top tier Stoner Rock. They’re well worth a listen if you like the genre.

I Am Night – Artist Spotlight

I Am Night is an intriguing singer that blends her Brazilian heritage into alt-rock infused pop. I’m curious about her upcoming debut EP.

Tradmrkd – Artist Spotlight

Tradmrkd plays simple, catchy pop punk reminiscent of the early 90’s California sound.

Reaven – Artist Spotlight

Reaven is a fantastic pop band from France with a knack for catchy melodies and great arrangements. And don’t forget to checkout their quarantine covers!

ANOUSHBARD – Artist Spotlight

Anoushbard beautifully melds traditional metal with Persian music and skillful songwriting. Horns up for this kickass band from Iran, a country where metal shows are actually outlawed.

Fanni Mayer – Artist Spotlight

Fanni Meyer is a talented pop singer/songwriter from Hungary. Her songs are soft and sensual, but with an underlying strength running through them.

Attrition – Artist Spotlight

Take an early 80’s electronic band, and ask them to score a suspense movie, and you might get close to what Attrition sounds like at times. Maybe.

LifeCycle – Artist Spotlight

LifeCycle plays catchy, melodic rock/metal. Check out their latest single ‘Burnout’.
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