Artist Spotlight – Emily Daccarett

Fashion designer Emily Daccarett’s music is a delightful blend of soft synth-pop, mixed with French pop and synth-based film music.

Artist Spotlight – Medusa Touch

80’s New Wave of British Heavy Metal has risen again! Medusa Touch plays old school dual-guitar metal that’ll get your fist pumping and your head banging.

Artist Spotlight – Crypitus

Straight out of a horror movie: it’s brutal and without compromise. If death metal with thrash and progressive elements sounds like something you’d like, check out Crypitus.

Artist Spotlight – Rebel Hotel

I discovered Rebel Hotel in the most rock ‘n roll way possible: their singer Ricky Ohrn was my Uber driver in Los Angeles. Turns out they rock.

Artist Spotlight – Days to Come

Days to Come is an excellent modern, melodic heavy rock band that will appeal to fans of Alter Bridge.

Artist Spotlight – VIOLOg

VIOLOg plays a chaotic blend of grunge and punk that rocks!

Artist Spotlight – The Hellfreaks

The Hellfreaks is a high energy, female-fronted punk/rock band from Hungary that should also appeal to metalheads.

Artist Spotlight – The Fullbug

The Fullbug is a rock band from Tel-aviv, Israel. It’s a bit grunge, a bit garage rock, a bit stoner… and all good!

Artist Spotlight – Leaving Eden

Leaving Eden is a female fronted hard rock/metal band from Boston. Their latest release, ’The Agony of Affliction’ is worth checking out.

Artist Spotlight – Hooby and the Yabbit

Hooby and the Yabbit plays heartfelt blues rock that comes not from the American South, but Yorkshire, UK.
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