Artist Spotlight – The Blacklava

Fantastic retro rock from Italy, blending the best of the 70’s and the 90’s.

Artist Spotlight – Maidon

Maidon is an intriguing British pop/rock duo that blends a wide range of influences

Artist Spotlight – The Unfound

Montreal’s The Unfound is an interesting mashup of classic and modern rock influences.

Artist Spotlight – Aspherium

Fans of technical death metal need to check out Aspherium.

Artist Spotlight – Desoluna

Dark but melodic doom metal from Sweden.

Artist Spotlight – Underwing

Underwing is hard rock that teethers on the edge of metal without crossing over. They mix the harder grunge bands with some 70’s Sabbath, but they never really sound like…

Artist Spotlight – Bleeding Raven

In his own words, Bleeding Raven is creepy and abrasive. But his industrial-style music is oddly fascinating.

Artist Spotlight – Emily Daccarett

Fashion designer Emily Daccarett’s music is a delightful blend of soft synth-pop, mixed with French pop and synth-based film music.

Artist Spotlight – Medusa Touch

80’s New Wave of British Heavy Metal has risen again! Medusa Touch plays old school dual-guitar metal that’ll get your fist pumping and your head banging.

Artist Spotlight – Crypitus

Straight out of a horror movie: it’s brutal and without compromise. If death metal with thrash and progressive elements sounds like something you’d like, check out Crypitus.
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