When did metal stop being dangerous?


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online casino bonus malaysia I found this item passing by H & M today. When I was a teenager, I was a rebel for listening to Iron Maiden: that was the devil’s music. 30 years later, it’s on tank tops sold in trendy shops to people who probably couldn’t name a single song…

online gambling license cyprus Wait, is this what they call getting old? This reminds me of reading about Dee Snider of Twisted Sister
telling Marilyn Manson (and I paraphrase): “Enjoy being the devil while it lasts. In the 80’s the PMRC dragged me before Congress, but today my songs are played in baseball parks!”

www.casino slots games.com Seriously, it’s great to see that these amazing bands are still doing well and reaching new audiences today!

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6 thoughts on “When did metal stop being dangerous?

  1. best slots to play at rivers casino And not just metal, punk and grunge artists are sold in trendy/mass-appealing/affordable fashion shops as well. H&M is especially notorious for doing that.

    slot machine casinos in san jose california However, I don’t think it would be possible without Iron Maiden’s (or their trusted representative’s) consent. The music industry has become a huge shopping mall where musicians aren’t artists, but brands with well-known/catchy names and logos. And that sells.

    • casino online free bonus no deposit required You bring up a good point. As they grow older, bands are less and less concerned about the “purity” (for lack of a better word) of their brand and see it as any businessman would: any opportunity to grow the brand is a good opportunity.

      casino slots near oakland ca It’s hard to fault them for wanting to ensure their retirement and provide for the future of their kids. But I guess my objection or surprise is at the bands chosen. We know KISS is a merchandising juggernaut. We know the Stones are a corporation. But Maiden, the Ramones or Bob Marley seemed too authentic to be reduced to hipster marketing.

  2. juegos casino free online I had a similar reaction when I saw a chorus of 6 year olds sing “Flight of Icharus.” At first, I thought, “aaw, how cute.” But, then I realized, “Wait! When has metal become safe enough for kids?” As Pris thoughtfully expressed, it’s not just metal, either. But, I don’t think age has really anything to do with it other than a lack of education and genuine ignorance.

    casino slots offline Music is one of the mortar bricks in the foundation of culture. What is worn (and why) what is seen (and why) and what is heard (and why) defines a lifestyle, a community, and a history.

    qualification for online casino dealer If the younger generations who are wearing Sex Pistols and Black Flag gear actually understood who they were and what they stood for, they wouldn’t be sporting them so casually. Most likely, they’d either they’d find new heroes to worship or would be appalled. At the same token, though Maiden, Sister, and other metal legends’ management may have given permission to sell the merchandise, I really doubt that Dee Snider or Steve Harris would be happy to see their logos coupled with a Dior cardigan and capris…

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