For Those About To Drink… We Salute You


It was a pleasant surprise to find this in my local grocery store. It’s a nice beer; nothing fancy, but refreshing. Sort of like AC/DC themselves! (The nothing fancy part; I don’t think they’re really refreshing) Apparently this version is a Canadian exclusive (smaller size and bilingual (english/french) packaging).

Here’s how it is described on the official site:


If you wanna rock hard, you need the right beer.

AC/DC, the infamous Hardrock Legends from down under, have been delivering true rock for the last 40 years. Now they give their name for true, pint-sized Australian taste as well.

“AC/DC Premium Lager Beer ” is 568mL of true German Premium Lager with mouthwatering 5.0% alc.

This lager fires up your tongue like TNT, comes with a great beer-loving taste and is brewed in accordance with the Rock`n Roll manifesto of 1973 and the German purity law of 1516.

So here’s a toast to the working men of rock!

Jean-Frederic Vachon
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