Concert Review – Sonata Arctica (with Delain and Xandria) – Club Soda, Montreal – September 8 2014


Finnish power metallers Sonata Arctica played in Montreal last night at Club Soda as part of their Pariah’s Child tour who also happens to celebrate the band’s 15th anniversary. Offering a career spanning setlist, the band’s melodic metal delighted their fans who banged their heads, pumped their fists and sang along to all their favourites.


The band’s music especially showcased the musical prowess of singer Tony Kakko, whose tenor voice soared effortlessly over the riffs, guitarist Elias Viljanen’s lightning fast solos and impossible fingerings and keyboard player Henrik Klingenberg who deserves MAJOR props for making a keytar look cool. (The keytar is popping up here and there in recent years. Could it be that it took 30 years to find its coolness?)


The new material took up almost a third of the setlist, but it never felt out of steps with the older songs. Their fans obviously dig their newest album, Pariah’s Child, which despite being announced as a return to their earlier sound, seems to be more a mature synthesis of their entire career. Solid performance by a veteran band.


Opening the evening was Germany’s Xandria. Their symphonic metal sounded amazingly clear and precise, and judicious use of lighting made their set feel like much more than a short opening slot. This is their first tour with Dutch singer Dianne van Giersbergen (Ex-Libris) who at times looks like a Disney princess who ran away from boring Prince Charming and now fronts a metal band. But her operatic vocals were very impressive and the band was tight. 5 songs was probably enough before it became a little redundant, but their set, as it was, was perfect. A great opener for the night. And I liked that they didn’t behave like openers. Too often the support bands act like they don’t belong there. These guys had no inhibition about being on that stage.


Second opener was another female fronted symphonic metal band, Delain from the Netherlands. (you know summer’s over when all the European bands, after doing the festival circuit, start coming to North America) Last year they delivered an impressive performance opening for Kamelot, and this year was no different. Fronted by the incredibly charismatic Charlotte Wessels (who’s fast becoming one of the best front person in metal), the band charged through a 45 minute set that once again felt too short (I said it last year, and I’ll say it again: it’s time for them to do a North American headlining tour). The band was once again treated like headliners by the Montreal crowd, and they recalled how awesome the reaction had been last year. It’s clear that Montreal loves Delain. Only two songs from their latest album were played (Army of Dolls and Stardust), and, among the older material, The Gathering and We Are the Others drew the largest cheers. These guys are great musicians, and their flawless performance was for me the highpoint of the show.


My only minor quibble is that the band, probably in a cost cutting effort to allow for oversea touring, acted as their own roadies. Nothing wrong there, but they should have drawn the stage curtains to preserve some of the mystery. It seems to me like that would have made a great impact.

Overall it was a great night for melodic metal with three excellent bands.


Sonata Arctica

The Wolves Die Young
Losing My Insanity
My Land
Sing in Silence
Black Sheep
Cloud Factory
X Marks the Spot
Victoria’s Secret
I Have a Right
In the Dark
Kingdom for a Heart
San Sebastian
Wolf & Raven
Don’t Say a Word






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  • John Souza Souza , September 17, 2014 @ 2:04 am

    Listen,im 48 years old and not impressed by stage theatrics.delain,xandria and aria flame,a grandrapids,michigan band,were all excellent.whats important is the quality of the music,not tricks of lighting and all that nonsense.we gave them a most warm applause here at the token lounge in west land michigan,because they deserved it.this is the first time ive ever listened to symphonic rock.I never even knew it existed until a few days ago.I enjoyed what I heard…and the comment about xandria being redundant is nothing more than a critics failure to really absorb something beautiful.I noticed at the end that the dark haired beauty from germany was being ignored.let me say that she was the most gracious creature ive met in a long time.so nice and polite,albeit a little nervous about being the new kid on the block.she even put up a brave front when I couldint find a pen so she could sighn my auto graph…no,the blend of opera,rock and roll and classical music is a pleasing mayhem,so different than the same old stuff everyone else is cranking out.I recommend seeing these new groups.young people have a different perception than my generation.its good to be daring,even when some one may not enjoy it.john souza.livonia mich.

  • S. , September 21, 2014 @ 9:41 pm

    I saw the three bands live in Ottawa. Dianne would have been at home down the road performing at Tosca. Charlotte’s power and range reminds me of Pat Benatar. And the music is original symphonic blends. 47 yrs old here and loved it. Sonata Arctica was excellent as ever, but I want to sing the praises of the openers.

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