Why I hate the term “Guilty Pleasure”

Just a short rant for today: I hate the concept of “Guilty Pleasures”.

Our local rock radio, CHOM-FM, has a feature where they’ll play a “Guilty Pleasure” song every day, which they define as “a song you like but haven”t heard in a while”, which is admitedly quite different from the real definition of guilty pleasure. But still, every time I hear them do this, I cringe. The notion that I should feel guilt about a piece of music that brings me joy or entertains me is ridiculous.

Usually this expression is affixed on songs that have grown out of favour, are considered kitsch, or from artists that are not seen as “cool”. Whatever. Why should I refrain from enjoying music I like on account of people’s opinion of it?

Enjoy what you like, and never mind the haters. 🙂

Phew, glad I could get this off my chest…

Jean-Frederic Vachon
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