Album review: Dr Living Dead! – “Crush the Sublime Gods”

[star rating=”7.5″ max=”10″]

“Crush the Sublime Gods” is the third full length album from Sweden’s Dr. Living Dead! They may seem like a gimmick band, with their death masks and B movie lyrics, but they are dead serious about their metal. Blending influences from both American thrash (especially early Anthrax and Slayer), and the long tradition of German thrash bands, as well as crossover bands like Nuclear Assault, Dr Living Dead! lines up killer riffs after killer riffs in a relentless sonic assault. They seamlessly go from slow, sludgy riffs to double time beats, and it’s really amazing how many cool riffs are on this album.

If I had to find fault somewhere, I’d say that I feel the vocals are the weak point. They’re not bad; they’re just unremarkable. Personally that’s a point I feel they share with a lot of thrash bands, but I’m sure that most fans will be much more forgiving. This isn’t the type of metal that offers big choruses anyway, and the music’s effectiveness doesn’t rely on vocal prowess anyway.

The songwriting is tight, with only 3 of the 13 tracks going over the four minute mark, and this helps explain why the album is so efficient. Nothing ever overstays its welcome, and most of the time, the songs leave you wanting more.

But in the end, If you’re a fan of old school thrash, you should give “Crush the Sublime Gods” a spin. Heads will bang, guaranteed.

Jean-Frederic Vachon
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