How much for a Cinderella rookie card?

Rock Cards_01-2With social media these days, we know so much about rock and pop musicians that a lot of the mystique has disappeared. But there used to be a time when being a rock star was something romantic and mysterious. You’d see their faces on album covers, you’d see them in music videos, in magazines, and live if you were lucky, but these carefully controlled appearances never went beyond the image.

So it’s not surprising that in the early 1990’s, a series of collectible cards featured the rockers of the day: mostly hair bands with a few classic rockers and a handful of metal bands. The two biggest rock bands of the time, Guns ‘n Roses and Metallica, are conspicuously absent. The likeness rights were probably cost prohibitive.

I found a few of these in a box in my basement; I’d totally forgotten about them. And as much as we can make fun of their looks now, at the time, they were the epitome of cool. Enjoy these relics from a bygone era.




Jean-Frederic Vachon
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