Getting concert tickets these days…

It’s that time again: as there’s a new Iron Maiden album coming out on September 4th, I re-enrolled into their Fan Club so that when the tour is announced, I might have a shot at decent tickets. I recently lucked out of Metallica tickets in Quebec City, and I’ve only been able to have good U2 seats because of the Fan Club resale, so I won’t take a chance on one of my favourite bands of all times.

I just got my package, and the sad thing is that it is identical to the one I got in 2012 when I enrolled for that tour. Same picture, same membership card, same pin, same sticker, same poster. Only the magazine has been changed to the current issue. That’s sad. At least U2 offers exclusive gifts with the membership (and I finally got my exclusive live album on vinyl!).

Now bring on the tour dates! I need a shot of live Iron Maiden.

Jean-Frederic Vachon
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