Album review – The Struts – Have You Heard


The Struts - Have You HeardI’m trying to catch up on a lot of music that came out in the last 2-3 months that I never got around to reviewing, so expect a few short reviews like this one.

The Struts are a band from Derby, England that melds classic rock with 70’s glam and 90’s pop rock (think Oasis mixed with some Queen, Slade and AC/DC). Their new EP “Have You Heard” is made up of 4 ridiculously catchy songs that just ooze summer fun. As such it’s a shame it got released in the middle of August (and I’m sure you’re wondering why I waited until we were on the cusp of winter to mention it) but damn, every time their songs come up on my iPhone I get this huge grin on my face.

Singer Luke Spiller reminds me of no less than Freddie Mercury, both physically and vocally, and he’s an important part of what makes The Struts tick. The songwriting is stellar, the arrangements are just right: it’s hard to find something not to like about The Struts’ new EP. Check it out!

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