Album review – Lionsault – Are You Feeling Lucky?

“Are You Feeling Lucky?” is the debut album from Lionsault, a hard rocking trio from Miramichi, New Brunswick. The band’s core is a hard rock sound that blends classic rock influences with a touch of metal, topped by melodic female vocals. The trio is fronted by singer/bassist Kortni Nicols, with her brother Chase on drums and Taylor Sheasgreen on guitar. There’s enough cool riffs and catchy choruses on this record to please most rock fans. The production is a little raw and Nicols’ vocals sometimes have to fight the band for space, but the album sounds pretty good overall. The songwriting is generally good if not spectacular, and there’s enough skill shown to hint at the potential this band has.

The opening four or five tracks are clearly their best material, and this album will make a fine addition to any modern rock playlist.


Jean-Frederic Vachon
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