Album review: Monster Truck – Sittin’ Heavy

Monster Tuck’s “Sittin’ Heavy” opens with a dynamite song called “Why Are You Not Rocking?” and indeed, anyone not rocking from the first few notes has some explaining to do. Monster Truck is back with another album of unbridled, straight ahead rock that goes hand in hand with beer, motorcycles or going out on a Saturday night.

“Sittin’ Heavy” is their second full length album (they also have two EPs), following their debut “Furiosity” (no word has better described this band than this). Along the way they’ve earned support from veterans like Slash, Dee Snider and Mike Inez, who’ve made very public their admiration for the quartet from Hamilton, Ontario. If you’ve liked their material before, you’ll love this record too; the band is staying true to its sound, with funky riffs, driving rhythms and catchy hooks.

There’s no filler on “Sittin’ Heavy”; every track brings something to the record. Eventually we’ll wish for them to diversify their sound but for now, let’s just enjoy their infectiously groovy hard rock for what it is. And boo hoo to anyone not rocking.


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