New Music Weekly – January 28th 2017

Finally, a few good releases this week. A few are from upcoming records, so I’d say 2017 is looking good so far, one month in!

  • The Glorious Sons – Kill the Lights

    Their debut album “The Union” is one of the best rock records in years. “Kill the Lights” is the first single from their upcoming sophomore album. There’s a more mature vibe on this track, and I can’t wait to hear the rest.

  • Mastodon – Sultan’s Curse (single)

    Mastodon’s new album will drop March 31st, but the first single is out! It sound exactly like what you’d expect from them. Which is a good thing.

  • Aaron Pritchett – When A Momma’s Boy Meets a Daddy’s Girl (Single)

    The third single from his album “The Score”, this country ballad is a little too wholesome lyric-wise, but the songwriting, arrangements and production are all top notch. I’ve been on a little country bender recently, and I like this little pop/country song.

  • The Pistolwhips – Voices (single)

    The first single from the Saskatoon indie rockers’ upcoming debut album “On Your Side” (out May 26th)

  • Starset – Vessels

I missed this in last week’s releases, but Starset, the band led by Dustin Bates, has a new record out. I dig the first single, “Monster”.




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