New Music Weekly – February 17th 2017

Looking for some sweet new music? Here are a few titles that caught my ear this week.

The Wild! – Ready to Roll

As AC/DC nears retirement (and they might have reached it already), many bands are stepping up ready to assume the throne of no frills, straight ahead rock ‘n roll. The Wild! makes a solid claim to that title with their debut album “Wild at Heart”. The songwriting isn’t yet to the level of the Australian legends, but it’s getting there. You’ll light up any party playing The Wild!



The Age of Electric – The Pretty EP

The Age of Electric offers us a tight EP of nice indie rock (isn’t most rock indie these days?) . I like it. Makes me think of carefree summer days, but then I look outside and it’s all snowbanks. Bummer.


Alison Krauss – Windy City

Twenty-seven-time GRAMMY Award winner (!) Alison Krauss has a new album out today called “Windy City“. It’s her first effort away from her band Union Station since “Raising Sand” and her debut for Capitol Records. The opening track has a jazzy vibe that I would have liked to hear more, but her voice is so pure and soothing that I’ll listen to anything she has to sing. “Windy City” is a very nice country record.

The Hunter Brothers – Getaway (single)

This song from Saskatchewan’s Hunter Brothers is pure pop bubblegum, but it embodies perfectly the winter blues every Canadian feels around February. It’s a nice way to put some sunshine in your day.

Jean-Frederic Vachon
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