New Music Weekly – March 17th 2017

It’s a really slow week, especially compared to last week, but a few releases are worth checking out.

Mastodon – Show Yourself (single)

Another new track from the upcoming “Emperor of Sand”, coming out March 31st. This one is very melodic, moving away from the metal and progressive elements that are core to their sound. There’s almost a Chris Cornell vibe to it.

Strongman – No Time Like Now

This actually came out last week and I missed it. It’s a fantastic record of stripped down blues rock, with soulful vocals and tasty guitar licks. Check it out!

Greg Graffin – Miliport

Bad Religion singer Greg Graffin goes Americana… and it’s pretty good!

That’s it for this week. If you know of good releases I’ve missed, leave a comment!


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