Artist Spotlight – Eat Sleep Catapult

Band nameOur name is Eat Sleep Catapult!
We’re a Pop-Punk quintet!
MembersThe band recently shed some members.
Currently, they are made up of
Rease Kraml // Vocals and Tyler Shaw // Bass
LocationSaint Louis, Missouri – USA
That one place where Hannibal the
Cannibal lived
Founded in2018
Similar artistsAll Time Low, Neck Deep, Blink-182,
Knuckle Puck
First release“Little Did You Know?…”  (August of 2018)
LinksFacebook | Website
The Music Addict’s VerdictFun pop punk!
Eat Sleep Catapult

How was the band formed?  
The band came together from a collective of minds that found a craigslist ad by Rease, the singer. Before the ad, we had no prior knowledge of each others existence. Theres some funny stories about how we all got to the point we’re at now, but long story short it was ad on Craigslist that sparked this entire project.

What’s your songwriting process like?
Kinda like 5th century Athens; Everyone brings ideas to the table, but there are 2 major songwriters within the band. Depending on if Dan or Rease made the idea, it’ll either be “Hey guys I wrote this song, here’s the entirety of it”, OR, “Hey guys check out this sweet riff! Think we could write a song off of it?”. From there everyone will add their spice and flesh it out. Then we hit up our producers and make some magic!   

Eat Sleep Catapult

How would you describe your music?
If you’re a fan of Fall Out Boy from the earlier era, then you’d appreciate our music. While we have a lot of catchy hooks and harmonies, we also like to add things from outside of the box. A lot of the band members actually have an appreciation for Jazz and Hip-hop so we like to add those Iambic pentameter switch-ups and clean, overdriven guitars.

TL/DR We like jazz so imagine a punk band with weird jazz guitar lines and slant rhymes.

What’s the one thing that makes your band stand out from the rest?
We’d have to go with our live show. We love getting people in the crowd involved in our sets and we have LIGHTS. SO MUCH ENERGY AND LIGHTS. We also are very active in our communities and try to build a community of people wherever we go. It makes the experience for a concert-goer go much longer and more personal.We have teamed up with HOPELOVESTRENGTH and Hope For The Day to raise awareness of mental health issues that plague the US.

What’s your latest release? 
Our latest release currently is our music video for our song ”Hit Or Miss”! We had our friend Dylan and Kaylee shoot a video of us playing a sold out show to a lot of our drunken friends. Check our page soon for 2 more videos coming within a couple weeks! 

What are your touring plans for the next few months?
After we finish our album cycle, we plan to go back into the studio and bring you some fun things. Currently we’re in the works of getting our own pizza recipe! But this spring we’ll be heading northeast toward Chicago and Madison, Wisconsin. If there’s a promoter reading this, we’d love to stop in Canada, we might never leave.

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