Artist Spotlight – Good Times & Company

Band nameGood Times & Company
MembersClint Kesinger- Vocals/Guitar
Shad Baldes – Bass
Kyle Wells – Drums
Keagan Cross- Guitar
LocationSpringfield, IL 
Founded in  2012
 Similar artistsThe Strokes, Cage The Elephant, Arctic
Monkeys, sometimes people say Foo
Fighters, Lenny Kravitz and Smashmouth
but we definitely don’t believe them
First releaseWe have a single coming out 4-1-19 that’s
going to shake the earth so hard we might
lose California. Other than that, our new
album “Cosmonaut” hits early summer. We
couldn’t be more stoked
Links Facebook | Instagram | Website
The Music Addict’s Verdict Nice, catchy indy rock
Good Times & Company
Good Times & Company

How was the band formed?  Clint had been doing a lot of acoustic gigs and releasing music as Good Times, we just decided to take it up a notch. We added Kyle on Drums, Shad on bass, and Keagan on guitar later. So that’s how Good Times became Good Times & Company

What’s your songwriting process like?   It changes all the time. Largely we will come up with riffs, lyrics, or a progression we dig on our own, bring it to the table at practice, and start chasing down ideas to start shaping a song. Then other times Clint will write the whole damn thing and we just add our parts in. It’s all very fluid and we try not to fight the current.

Good Times & Company

What are your influences? Life, music, love, the world, drugs, and most importantly, death.

How would you describe your music?  Catchy alternative indie rock

What’s the one thing that makes you/your band stand out from the rest?  We sound unique and you can never confuse us with any other band. We sound like us and only us, which is a hard-earned brand. Also, our songs are super catchy without the risk of annoyance.

What’s your latest release?    It’s dropping on April 1st and is called “Sober”, from our new album. Its very catchy, and I think upon listening you will have it stuck in your head. The subject matter highlights the glorification of inebriation as well as its obvious pitfalls.

What are your touring plans for the next few months? We have none as we are currently going through a line up change! Cheers!

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