Artist Spotlight – Crejuvent

Band name Crejuvent
Member Federico ‘Freddy’ Spera
Location Bowser’s Castle
Similar artists The Shaggs
First releaseThe debut EP TIME was released in
summer 2017
The Music Addict’s VerdictChallenging, technical death metal that’s
really well done. I’ll even forgive the
smartass answers to my questions. Thanks
for helping me discover The Shaggs! 🙂

How was the band formed?  

Through an extremely unlikely series of cosmic events. The stars aligned, my parents fucked at some point and birthed me, I in turn fucked myself years later and birthed these songs. I needed to do SOMETHING with these sonic offsprings, hence Crejuvent!

What’s your songwriting process like?   

Very unorganized and sporadic. It’s like watching a kid play mad scientist at home where they’re mixing together random shit they find around the house to create a ‘potion’. Sums up my entire life actually.

What are your influences?

Booze, the perpetual disappointment of my friends and family, and The Beatles.

How would you describe your music?  

Like an unholy musical spawn of a mentally challenged version of Satan. It’s heavy, but it sounds scattered and confused, yet somehow works.

What’s the one thing that makes Crejuvent stand out from the rest?  

My incessant ability to keep making this mediocre attempt at music despite the perpetual odds against it from every conceivable consciousness I come into contact with.

What’s your latest release?   

My latest release is a single called ‘Vesti La Giubba’ and its B-side called ‘Blue Spirit’. I COULD sit here and tell you all about them, but I’d rather leave it up to the listeners to make their minds. All I will say is that the tracks are heavy, the lead single is less than 3 minutes long and the B-side is almost 9 minutes long and there’s a good chance your brain will be pregnant by the end of your listening experience. Not necessarily with something good mind you.

Have you ever played in Montreal?

I have not played it before. I fucking love Canada though, I used to live in Seattle as a kid so we’d go to Vancouver quite often. Once while visiting, somebody broke our car window and stole my lunchbox and a chocolate bar I left in the car!

What are your touring plans for the next few months?

I’ll be doing the odd show here and there around Liverpool, but I’m mostly gonna focus on another release. I got some spare time that I want to pretend to be using productively!

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