Concert review: The Lazys – Bar L’Escogriffe, Montreal – October 15th 2019

The Lazys brought their ‘Half Mast Blues’ tour to L’Escogriffe Bar and delivered one hell of a performance. Originally from Australia, The Lazys found a second home within the rock community in Canada, and it is quite easy to see why. Their no bullshit approach to rock and roll is quite refreshing: five guys playing great music full of old school riffs, intense solos and catchy vocal melodies. What’s not to like? It’s true that their sound is not far from Airbourne and AC/DC, but where these two bands makes you rock with your fists in the air, The Lazys are all about the hips.

The night started with Montreal’s Oakhearts. The crowd was not very participative, and the sound was far from optimal, but they still managed to play a good set. Musically, they were pretty good. Their drummer has energy for ten and some of their heavier songs had great riffs. Sadly, they seem to be lacking a true frontman. The crowd interactions were awkward on purpose, but it really sucked all the fun out of the bar. They did get better as the set went on and the crowd grew to their weird energy, but I still thought that has opener they did not really succeed to the task.

When The Lazys took the stage, the mood totally changed and the ambiance went from zero to ten in an instant. Lead singer Leon Harrisson is truly a beast when it comes to their live show. Even if he seemed to be experiencing problems with his microphone, he gave his all and then some; two songs in and the whole band was already covered in sweat. Everybody was dancing and singing along, and it was quite a sight to behold on this cold Tuesday night. With rocking songs like ‘One’s Too Many’, ‘Little Miss Crazy’ and ‘Shake It Like You Mean It’, it would have been difficult to stay seated. Guitarists Matt Morris and Liam Shearer were also great; their riffs seemed to be coming straight from the seventies, but they also have a modern vibe that added a lot to the originality of the band. Lyrically there isn’t anything you haven’t heard before but Leon Harrisson‘s delivery was flawless and the crowd sang the choruses as loud as they could.

They played mostly songs from their self-titled album and their latest effort ‘Tropical Hazards’. ‘Half Mast Blues’ and ‘Punk Come ’N Get Me’ were my highlights of the night. They closed the night with an epic guitar solo, played on the top of the bar, and showed themselves at the top of their game. I really hope they get to play to bigger crowds soon because they are clearly ready and we need more bands like them. Next time that they are in town go see them; you won’t be disappointed. Kudos to the guys for staying to meet their fans too!

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