Artist Spotlight – Crypitus

Band nameCrypitus
MembersDoug Friend-Guitarist/Vocalist
Joe Minard II -Bass
Peter Snee-Rhythm Guitarist
Zach Patch-Percussionist
LocationRutland, Vermont
Founded in2015
Similar ArtistsVoivod, Death, Mastodon
First release Ill World (That’s What You Get) (September 2019)
LinksFacebook | Spotify | Website
The Music Addict’s VerdictStraight out of a horror movie: it’s brutal and without compromise. If death metal with thrash and progressive elements sounds like something you’d like, check out Crypitus.

All four members answered our questions for this Artist Spotlight.

How was the band formed?  

Zach: I was desperately searching the internet for local musicians to jam with and Pete was the first and only to respond, with Doug in tow. We found Joe around a year later and the rest is history.

Pete: Doug and I were roommates and jammed together to some songs. We wanted to find a drummer and I met Zach through friends on Facebook. Things clicked and the rest is history.

Joe: I joined after a friend introduced me when they were in need of a bassist.

Doug: Well, Crypitus was a project/idea I started when I was 19 and due to some personal conflicts, the project was back burnered until 2016 when I became roommates with Pete. We rehashed some older tunes, found Zach and Crypitus was born.


What’s your songwriting process like?   

Zach: I don’t really know. I wait for them to write stuff and I just add the needed percussion.

Pete: We come up with riffs and just jam them out to fullness. Sometimes it takes a while to add lead or harmony guitar parts to a song and they’re always changing in slight ways.

Joe: The guitars come up with riffs and I just go with the flow.

Doug: Songwriting is very organic for us, one thing leads to another boom!

What are your influences?

Zach: My influences are Between the Buried and Me and all the wonderful strange music that doesn’t follow the rules.

Pete: I like a lot of different genres. Frank Zappa, Intervals, Niccolo Paganini, Jean Luc Ponty, Mastodon, Between the Buried and Me just to name a few. I like music that is focused on the expression and not just trying to sound like a certain genre.

Joe: Metallica, Primus, and System of a Down are some of my influences.

Doug: I’m a big Megadeth and Death fan. Definitely influenced substantially by the early thrash metal movement


How would you describe your music?  

Zach: It’s high energy and despite the lyrics, upbeat fast metal groove gravy.

Pete: Our music is a whirlpool of psychedelic proggy thrashy groove juice.

Joe: Proggy thrash metal.

Doug: Thrash / Death / Heavy Progessive Metal

What’s the one thing that makes you/your band stand out from the rest?  

Zach: We have a pretty unique sound and energy. We all live pretty sheltered so there hasn’t been much outside influence on our music.

Pete: Our music is pretty unique and fun. We’re all great musicians but we’re all close friends too so we play really well together.

Joe: We have a different sound than most other bands and its pretty cool.

Doug: We aim for a high energy fun show experience that helps captivate the listener.

What’s your latest release?   

Zach: It’s called ‘Ill World That’s What You Get’, and it’s our first actual album. Check it out. It’s available on all the streaming platforms I know of.

Doug: The new album ‘Ill World (That’s What You Get)’ is a culmination of 3 years of work that we have done with the band musically. I believe it really helps capture our sound. The six song album was recorded at Bluvudu Production in Plattsburgh NY. The Lyrical content is meant to portray the current dissonance we face in the modern age, in this Ill World.

Can you share any memory of playing in Montreal?

Zach: We played Montreal once. It was at the Piranha Bar. It was kind of a disaster. One of us couldn’t get into Canada at the time and it really messed us up. We are excited to have the opportunity to redeem ourselves this spring when we return.

Pete: I didn’t get to play when the rest of the band went due to my own poor planning and procrastination.

Doug: We got the chance to play Piranha Bar once it was our first show out of the country but I remember going up the stage initially to be greeted by a goofy black poodle and I knew that we were in for a good night.

What are your touring plans for the next few months?

Zach: We don’t have any actual tour dates yet. We have a few local shows left for the year that are looking like incredible opportunities and then we’ll hibernate till spring when we take the new album on the road.

Pete: We’re playing some shows between now and the new year, with a really special show with Exmortus in December. After that we take a break then come out of hibernation for the spring.

Doug: The rest of the shows this year include;

Waterford NY 12/2/19 W/ Exmortus @ Chromebar
Jewett City CT 12/14/19 @ Altones

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