Artist Spotlight – Days to Come

Band nameDays to Come
MembersJustin Goodson – Vocals/Guitar
Brandon Rix – Guitar
Jalen Hall – Drums
LocationAlbany, Georgia (United States)
Founded in 2014
Similar ArtistsAlter Bridge, Coheed And Cambria
First releaseSubsist: The Art of Survival (2016)
LinksFacebook | Spotify | Website | Instagram
The Music Addict’s VerdictExcellent modern, melodic heavy rock. Fans of bands like Alter Bridge will like them.

Justin Goodson answers our questions for this Artist Spotlight.

How was the band formed?  

I met Brandon at a local music store in 2013. I was picking up some guitar strings before an acoustic gig and I mentioned that I was trying to start a band. 

What’s your songwriting process like?   

Typically, Brandon and I will get together with a few acoustic guitars. I’ll either already have lyrics and a melody, or will add one after we have a rough outline of the song. We’ll get with Jalen to add the rest and finish it up.

What are your influences?

Alter Bridge is probably my biggest musical influence. I remember the first time I heard them and I felt like something just clicked. I heard tones and textured arranged in a way that I hadn’t previously and instantly fell in love with the music.

Growing up, I listened to a lot of 80’s pop artists and bands. That’s probably where I get my love for melody.

How would you describe your music?  

We’re a rock band that has elements of pop, prog, and metal.

What’s the one thing that makes you/your band stand out from the rest?  

Clean vocals. I don’t hear too much clean vocals from current rock bands. Everything is sounding heavier and more aggressive, and we’re not quite like that.

What’s your latest release?   

Our latest single Vultures (2019) is about standing up for yourself. Knowing what you believe and why you believe it. It’s anthemic and punchy. So far, our fans have really enjoyed it!

What are your touring plans for the next few months?

We’re taking off the rest of 2019 to focus on the release of our EP and continue writing for 2020.

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