Artist Spotlight – Emily Daccarett

Band nameEmily Daccarett
Location Los Angeles, California
Similar ArtistsHey Violet, Vanessa Paradis, Coeur de Pirate, Melanie Martinez
First releaseViens a moi (Feat. Zane Carney) with S. Peace Nistades – 2016
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The Music Addict’s VerdictFashion designer Emily Daccarett’s music is a delightful blend of soft synth-pop,
mixed with French pop and synth-based film music.

How was the band formed?  

We all went to the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles and had worked with each other on different gigs and projects. It’s a tight knit community and we love to just jam together. I had worked with Pedro on recording guitars and bass for my tracks and Vedant, who plays keys, on acoustic shows.

Emily Daccarett and her band

What’s your songwriting process like?   

We usually start of by coming up with a basic riff, that usually is a chorus line. Then we mould a melody line over that, I sing a melody but the vocals are just jibberish at that time. Once we have that, we can develop the song a bit further. Once we have a verse and a chorus pieced together with the jibbering vocal over the top (hehehe), I take that home and write proper lyrics, usually based around a current news item. That’s how songs have been done to date 🙂

There is always a story that I try to tell. I’m a fashion designer and since the beginning of my brand, I worked on original songs for my collections. I take a similar approach to my songwriting, thinking about the colour and mood, finding out the theme. When it comes to writing lyrics, it usually comes from what I’m feeling or going through. Most of the time it’s something I try to hide but sitting down with a pen brings that vulnerable side I try so desperately to guard. I think overall, its therapeutic! Writer’s block is definitely a thing, and when that happens the best thing to do is to not think about it. I’ll turn to writing morning pages, which is writing down whatever comes to mind the moment you wake up. Overall, I try to have fun throughout the stages. Music is so personal, it’s able to reach people in a way that is hard to describe.

Emily Daccarett

What are your influences?

David Bowie is a big inspiration. He was constantly changing his persona, creating characters each with their own unique sound and style. He was a visionary and even when he reached global recognition, he still would keep on changing and evolving. I’m also inspired by Blondie, Kate Bush, and Vanessa Paradis; I love the aesthetic of French pop. From the fashion side, Yves Saint Laurent is my biggest inspiration. He created a whole world with his collections. From the colours, to the shapes, textures, and music. I also take a lot influence from film, with my new music both Blade Runner and Blade Runner 2049 were the backbone of the colours and visuals I wanted to use. I like putting opposites together innocence with seduction, and retro with modern futuristic sounds.

How would you describe your music?  

The songs are more synth based, there’s a definite 80’s pop influence think Blondie and Kate Bush mixed in with 70’s rock and French pop. It’s a blend of fashion meets music, with a touch of cinema.

What’s the one thing that makes you stand out from the rest?  

I’m a visual artist and creating an ambience from the visuals, the fashion, the venues, and sound all need to come together. I like to add performance pieces with dancers and theatre actors to accompany us live. There is always a story that I try telling, while at the same time adding mystery to it so it can be made into your own. As a designer, I combine my music with the clothes and accessories I design. For Cannibal, each song has its own anime-inspired mascot. These characters can be found on new merch coming out soon. Each passion of mine feeds into the other and I’m just trying to keep as the ideas come.

What’s your latest release?   

I just released my ep, Cannibal. I had planned to release just a single, but as I worked on “Growin’ Addiction”, I kept writing more songs and I felt like they needed to stay together. They form a sort of story arc. Cannibal starts off with the seduction of LA’s history on aspiring artists, to giving into desire, then not letting that desire consume you, letting go of fear, and ending with the seduction of la la land once more. It’s no secret we have to make a lot of sacrifices and it’s not a clear-cut road to success, but still we flock over here.

What are your touring plans for the next few months?

I’m planning out a couple shows in LA and getting ready for my fashion show/music show in March. I haven’t scheduled a tour yet, maybe that will be for 2021!

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