Me and That Man – Run With the Devil (Music Video)

Me and That Man (Photo: Grzegorz-Gołębiowski)

Me and That Man is a solo project from Adam Darski, better known as Nergal from the black metal band Behemoth. I stumbled upon Me and That Man accidentally with their amazing Johnny Cash-esque song ‘Cross My Heart and Hope to Die‘. ‘Run With the Devil’ is their latest single, and I have to say the song defied my expectations. I expected another soulful country/blues lament, but instead I got a rousing bluesy anthem, accompanied by a Tarantino-esque video directed by Roman Przylipiak and starring Darski as the devil, and Jørgen Munkeby of Norwegian Blackjazz collective Shining . It’s a fun track that definitely proves that Darski is not a one-trick pony.

“This one was a lot of fun! When I first started thinking of the imagery to the track, I wanted to create something more than a music video, I wanted a music movie which carries on from where “Nightride” left off. Don’t take it too seriously, we’re metaphorically burying the past and bringing in a new! A great way to introduce the next incarnation of ME AND THAT MAN… but what next? Stick around, there is plenty of rather splendid things to see soon!”

Adam ‘Nergal’ Darski
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