Lesbian Bed Death – 'Born to Die On VHS' (music video)

An email notification flashed on my phone. I gave it a quick glance before doing a double take. It was a press release for a band called Lesbian Bed Death, and a song called ‘Born to Die on VHS’. Well, call me intrigued.

‘Born to Die on VHS’ is the campy new video from UK punk/metal band Lesbian Bed Death, and is the title track from their latest record that mostly consists of covers of horror movie theme songs. You’ll find gems like Dokken’s ‘Dream Warriors’ (from ‘Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3’), Motörhead’s ‘Hellraiser’, also recorded by Ozzy Osbourne (the former was featured in the movie ‘Hellraiser 3′), The Ramones’ ‘Pet Sematary’ or Alice Cooper’s ‘He’s Back’ (from ‘Friday the 13th Part VI’),

But ‘Born to Die on VHS’, one of 3 original tracks, trumps them all with its infectious energy, and the video pays homage to many classic horror movies. It also marks the return of singer Luci4, who came back to the band after 10 years.

Website: http://www.lesbianbeddeath.net

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Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lbdofficial

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/lesbianbeddeath

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