Taylor McCluskey – Stay With Me (music video)

Taylor McCluskey is a Montreal based (by way of Sacramento, CA) musician, filmmaker and actor. He’s appeared in films (like ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’, and ‘Star Trek (2009)‘) and TV shows. As a musician, he is the founding member of The Maddest Of Madmen and The MFICs, and has made four solo albums, the most recent being 2020’s ‘Star God’.

McCluskey and producer Glen Robinson, who’s also a fellow member of The MFICs, recorded, mixed and mastered ‘Stay With Me’ studio and live versions as well as the recently released singlesFreedom Fighter,” “Young Blood” and “Bulletproof” from his upcoming album. The two were joined by The MFICs’ members Andrew James and Zak St. John who performed bass and drums, respectively, on the tracks.

Considering Robinson’s impeccable track record as a metal producer with, among others, Voivod’s masterpiece ‘Nothingface’, Annihilator’s ‘Never, Neverland’ and GWAR’s ‘America Must Be Destroyed’, one might be surprised by the pop infused, haunting ‘Stay With Me’, but the high quality of the end result is as expected. ‘Stay With Me’ features a simple musical bed leaves ample space for McCluskey’s voice, and the repetitive melody burrows its way into the listener’s brain pretty quickly. It’s slick, efficient, and I like it.

“Stay With Me is about getting clear and realizing that my life has more gifts and beautiful moments to enjoy, and moments that transmit waves of positivity and balance”, says McCluskey. “It’s in that balance where I let go of toxic people, places and things.”

If you’re looking for something that rocks a bit more, check out the U2-esque ‘Reckless’ or the Stones-infused ‘Buried’ below.


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