Album review: Ozzy Osbourne – Ordinary Man

Ozzy’s best album in a long time, and a decent attempt to update his sound. It’s a far cry from his classic albums, but it’s much better than I expected.

Concert review: Guns N’ Roses – TD Place, Ottawa – August 21 2017

Guns n Roses live up to their legendary status with a performance for the ages

Concert review: Guns n’ Roses – Montreal – August 19th 2017

Guns n’ Roses make amends for 1992 aborted Montreal show that led to a riot

Concert review: Guns n’ Roses – Rogers Centre, Toronto – July 16th 2016

Nevermind the haters, Guns n’ Roses are back and playing better than ever as demonstrated by their almost 3 hour show in Toronto.

Album Review – Alice Cooper’s Hollywood Vampires

With the Hollywood Vampires, Alice Cooper pays homage to his dead drunk friends with an album of mostly covers that is much better than expected.