WarCall – The Chase (music video)

WarCall’s latest video and single ‘The Chase’ draws inspiration from old school metal but should please fans at large.

The Trews – God Speed Rebel (Music video)

The Trews offer up a ‘made in quarantine video’ for the new song ‘God Speed Rebel’

Mountain Dust – Stop Screaming (Music Video)

Montreal’s Southern Doom band Mountain Dust releases music video for the track “Stop Screaming’. They will play Heavy Montreal on July 28th 2019.

When did Billy Squier’s The Stroke come back in style?

Back in my formative years (aka the 80’s), I devoured music videos on Much Music (Canada’s MTV) and Musique Plus (French Canadian Much Music). 1983-86 were like the Gold Rush.…

Alice Cooper – Elected

Alice Cooper – Elected It’s an election day here in Quebec, which made me think of this song. Alice Cooper is one of my favourite artists of all time and…