Album review: Neal Morse – Jesus Christ: The Exorcist

‘Jesus Christ: The Exorcist’ is a fantastic musical journey through a familiar tale by the multi-talented Neal Morse. And you don’t need to share Neal’s faith to appreciate it.

A Great Musical Adventure: An Interview with Neal Morse

Creating a follow up to the acclaimed “Similitude of a Dream” wasn’t easy, but the Neal Morse Band pulled it off in the end. Neal Morse explains the album’s complicated…

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The Neal Morse Band follows their epic 2016 double concept album with another. And they’re still raising the bar.

Concert review: Neal Morse Band – Club Soda – Montreal – January 31st 2017

The Neal Morse Band’s concert was a perfect night of progressive rock.

Photo Gallery: Neal Morse Band – Club Soda – Montreal – January 31st 2017

Photos from the Neal Morse Band concert at Club Soda in Montreal on January 31st 2017

Concert Review: The Neal Morse Band – La Tulipe, Montreal – February 25th 2015

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