In memoriam: Jeff Hanneman of Slayer (1964-2013)

HeavyMTL 2010, Montreal, QC, Canada

Sad news yesterday: Jeff Hanneman from Slayer passed away at 49 of liver failure (that may or may not have been caused by a spider bite that caused flesh eating disease, and kept him out of Slayer for the last 2 years). He wasn’t the most high profile member, but the band owes most of their biggest songs to him. Slayer will not be the same again.

I’ve never been the biggest Slayer fan, but in the last decade I’ve come to appreciate their pioneering brand of thrash metal. I saw them twice in concert: once when they toured with Marilyn Manson, and the show OK, definitely not great. I also saw them at HeavyMTL 2010 and they stole the show that night. What an awesome performance they gave, including the complete Seasons in the Abyss album.

It seems way too soon for bands that came unto the scene in the 80’s to start dying. Jeff’s gone shredding South of Heaven. Whatever afterlife there is, it just got a hell of a lot louder.

HeavyMTL 2010, Montreal, QC, Canada


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