Artist Spotlight – Shout at the Robots

Band nameShout at the Robots
MembersJulian Hepworth- Voice/Guitar
Ross Marchewka- Drums
Matt Jayne- Guitar/Voice
Jon McBride- Bass
LocationOwego, NY
Similar artistsBeach Slang, Drive Like Jehu,
The Replacements
First releaseFail Better (2017)
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The Music Addict’s VerdictBy their own description:

“A whimsical angry band of four awkward
schlubs who have no idea what’s going on
and if you don’t either then that’s okay.
We’re not reinventing the wheel here but
we do write songs for people who are weird,
different, disenfranchised, or other words
that start with D. We don’t have any rules
other than don’t be an asshole (like bigots,
we don’t like bigots). We’re not punks in a
maybe a punk band and we want to have
fun while also not making the world more

A little messier than I like, but a lot of fun.
They definitely embody the punk attitude.
Shout At The Robots

How was the band formed?  We’ve all been friends since childhood, so we’re pretty much the only people we can really play music with. For better or worse.

What’s your songwriting process like?  Sometimes meandering and jammy, sometimes really focused and precise. Always kind of confusing.

What are your influences? All over the place, really. 80’s post-punk to Bjork to Aesop Rock. Vincent Price movies to the Simpsons. You name it.

Shout At The Robots

How would you describe your music? Gloomy hopeful punk-ish noise

What’s the one thing that makes your band stand out from the rest? We’re a band that’s defined by our weaknesses as much as our strength. We’re passionate and weird and a certain blend of things that you’re hard pressed to find elsewhere.

What’s your latest release?  “Fail Better”. New EP within the next month or two hopefully.

Have you ever played in Montreal? We haven’t! But we’d totally be down so if anyone is feeling curious be sure to drop us a line. We’ll bring the snacks.

What are your touring plans for the next few months? Touring at all would be the goal. Keeping our fingers crossed.

Jean-Frederic Vachon
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