Artist Spotlight: Into the Unknown

Band name Into the Unknown
LocationUnited Kingdom. We meet usually in
Chalfont St Peter, as that’s where the
studio is.
 Similar artists Don’t know what the others would say but
I think bits of Lordi (Without the looks),
Guns n’ Roses, Nightwish. Its like old school
rock with some symphonic elements. 
First release Out Of The Shadows (October 2017)
Links  Facebook | Website
The Music Addict’s VerdictCool classic/symphonic rock hybrid who
also recorded interesting cover songs.
Into The Unknown

How was the band formed?  
Rupert was producing a song for a pop artist, and Ryan came in to do the guitar session, and they hit it off, deciding to have a go at recording a song that Rupert had always fancied rocking up: Chris DeBurgh’s ‘Don’t Pay The Ferryman’.  Ryan suggested Lucie for the vocals as she had been in a band with him before.  Everything went well, they started recording together and after a while realized that they had enough material to start thinking about an album, so thus the band was formed.

What’s your songwriting process like?   
We get together, have a laugh, and somehow come up with stuff. Someone comes up with a riff or a cover idea and we just play around with it until we are all happy with the sound. The end result is usually nothing like the original idea, but we are all happy with what emerges.

What are your influences?
Well mine would definitely be Lordi, Dimmu Borgir, GWAR, and a lot more heavy stuff. I love a lot of different styles though, swing is a big favourite, and a few pop artists have my ear. Me and Lucy can agree on Lady Gaga at least. We all have a diverse taste that’s for sure.  Rupert and Ryan are into their classic rock and metal, especially bands such as Nightwish, ACDC, Halestorm and Guns N Roses.

How would you describe your music?
Very classic rock, but with a symphonic twist would be a basic description, but we don’t aim for a style as such, we just like to create music that sounds good to us. Clearly having different tastes means we end up making a range of music, and that range is only going to expand I think. We don’t want to fit into a genre.

 What’s the one thing that makes you/your band stand out from the rest?  
Probably the fact that Lucie’s melodic vocals and the orchestrated keyboards temper the heavier guitars and drums.

What’s your latest release?   I think it was the covers mini album, “The Other Side of the Wall” although was a bit of a silent release. I can tell you that I like it and want to play a few of those live, though we are much more into playing and writing original bits. Stay tuned for updates on new music 😉

Any touring plans? 
We have no solid plans just yet as the lineup has only just expanded to enable shows. Once we have a solid plan we will get the word out. Hopefully have one in Milton Keynes, play a show in my home town. We will see.  We definitely will be doing some shows soon, and possibly some unplugged ones too.

Jean-Frederic Vachon
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