Review: Rock Iconz Mercyful Fate King Diamond statue

King Diamond – KnuckleBonz statue

I’ve had my eye on the KnuckleBonz Rock Iconz statues (statuez?) for a while. I recently saw an ad on Facebook advertising 20% off, and that pushed me to get one. Well, that and being bored in confinement. I got a shipping notification a couple of hours later (on a Saturday no less) and the wait began. Today’s the day I finally got my statue, and here are my first impressions.

I went for the Mercyful Fate-era King Diamond statue for my first Rock Iconz, but there were at least two dozens that were equally appealing to me. Seriosuly, these guys do amazing work. It’s advertised as 1:9 scale, which sounds about right as the statue is 7 ½” tall without the base. It’s a statue, so it’s not articulated, but the pose is very dynamic and iconic. The paint job is pretty good, the base looks cool and it feels sturdy enough to warrant the USD $149 price tag.

They captured young King with the early version of his makeup, holding his famous bone cross microphone stand. A long microphone cord adds realism, and I think you’re supposed to run it off the base and hid it under it, but it’s not quite clear. A certificate is printed underneath the base, and mine is listed as #912 out 1984, the year Mercyful Fate’s classic album ‘Don’t Break the Oath’ came out.

The photos on the box seem to be from a prototype, as the pose is slightly different, and King’s face looks a bit rounder. The actual statue looks a tiny bit stretched out vertically, a feature I find in many of the statues on their website. It’s not enough to distract, but definitely looks like the musicians have been put through an intense weight loss program.

KnuckleBonz also sells a nice lighted display case for the figures, so you might want to look at that and order it with your figure if it interests you, but at more than half the price of the statue, I’ll look for an alternate option. If you’re ordering from Canada, know that Canadian Customs will hit you for sales taxes, as well as a $10 handling fee, which jacked the price of my statue by $40.

All in all, the Rock iconz serie is a classy way to spice up the decor of any rock fan.

Jean-Frederic Vachon
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