Crawling Up My Feet – Junkowl (music video)

Montreal’s Junkowl will release their debut album, titled ‘Making Out With My Death’, on June 5 2020. They’ve just released a music video for the single “Crawling Up My Feet”.

“‘Crawling Up My Feet’ was one of the last two songs we wrote for this album”, says the band. “We chose it as a single because we found it stood out on the album. It’s one of the only songs with ‘clean’ singing in it, but it still showcases our heavier side as well.” The musicians go on to explain that the song deal swith the struggles of maintaining a healthy relationship when you’re dealing with addiction. “It’s impossible to love another when you don’t love yourself. We shot the video on our bass player Sam’s cousin’s farm; the location was just perfect with all the natural light beaming in from the cracks in the barn, it really gave that kind of creepy look we were going for.”

Jean-Frederic Vachon
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