The Music Addict’s Band Name Challenge

Can you guess the band names from their emoji riddles?

Metal shows go virtual with Anvil at L’Anti Bar & Spectacles

Canadian metal veterans Anvil will perform at the first Canadian metal streaming event on July 4, 2020 in Quebec City

Max's Top 5 Albums and Shows of 2019

Our writer Maxime Allard shares his favourite albums and concerts of 2019

The Decade in Review

The Music Addict lists his favourite musical moments of the last decade.

What if… Bruce Dickinson had never joined Iron Maiden?

We debate whether or not Iron Maiden would have risen to fame had they stayed with singer Paul Di’Anno, instead of replacing him with Bruce Dickinson. A tongue-in-cheek piece of…

50 years of Star Trek: 10 great musical moments

For 50 years, Star Trek has delighted fans worldwide with tales of grand adventure. Here’s a look at the music that made these stories come alive.

The 10 greatest motorcycle rock songs ever written

Rock’s love story with the motorcycle is undeniable. Here are 10 great songs that glorify the iron horse.

The 10 Greatest Musical Moments of the James Bond Franchise

The music addict takes a look at 10 defining musical moments in the James Bond franchise.

10 Rolling Stones songs we should hear more often

The Rolling Stones have so many great tracks that I’m left wondering why we always here the same ones over and over again.

A city viewed through music: Detroit, Michigan, USA

Music has elevated some cities to the rank of legends. Some achieved it on the strength of its music scene, or the genre it gave birth to. Some others keep…
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